Thursday, 12 April 2012

Restoran Vegetarian @ Kepong

There are many vegetarian restaurants in Kepong. Some are great, some are mediocre, and then you have those that should never have opened their doors for business. But one thing they have in common, their restaurant name is simply "Restoran Vegetarian".....

So, which vegetarian restaurant is this that I think is worthy of mention, especially when I should be resting my painful arm and shoulder? It's a small, nondescript shop opposite a prawn mee shop with this huge, eye-catching prawn sign at Kepong Baru, near the Wai-Sik-Kai.

We've been there twice now. I'll post the photos of the two visits in a single article. 

On our first visit, we ordered the white raddish soup, nyonya tofu and fried brinjal in gravy. 

The white raddish soup is a light, clear soup without any msg.

I love the sour, piquant taste of the nyonya tofu. Very appetizing. But hubby, who has a low tolerance of anything sour, did not like it at all.

The fried brinjal in gravy was more to hubby's liking. I found the gravy a little 'boring'.

On our second visit, we ordered the bitter gourd & tofu soup, fried mushroom in sweet & sour sauce and sambal fried brinjals, ladies' fingers and long beans. 

We love the bitter gourd & tofu soup. Initially, I was a little hesitant, for fear that the soup might have a bitter taste, but surprisingly, it didn't have the slightest hint of bitterness at all.

The fried mushroom in sweet & sour sauce was a runaway favourite. They used the shitake mushroom and it had a fragrant, crunchy taste. And the sauce was not too sweet, it was well-balanced.

The sambal fried brinjals, ladies' fingers & long beans was another hit with us. However, hubby wished that they had included dried shrimps or belacan in the sambal, as he was more used to a non-vegetarian sambal. Still, he loved it despite the lack of dried shrimp or belacan, so that is saying something about the flavour of the dish.

In conclusion, this vegetarian restaurant serves great meals at reasonable prices. How reasonable? Except for the sambal fried mixed vegetables, all the other vegetables and soup were RM6 each. The sambal dish was RM8.