Saturday, 30 June 2012

Long Grilled Fish @ Jinjang Utara

As a town, Jinjang does not inspire much confidence with its shabby and cowboy-like appearance. However, it has a number of unpretentious eateries that serve cheap and good food. One of them, Long Grilled Fish, is rather famous, and is crowded most of the time. 

Service is quick, however, but do not expect cuisine-like quality which you get from 'real' restaurants. It is a tai ch'ao (big fried) store, so as long as you expect a tai ch'ao quality, you'll be pleased.

Since they're famous for their baked crabs, that's what hubby and I ordered. When the crabs are done, butter is drizzled on them and salt sprinkled over it. Tasty but a tad oily.

The sei tai ting wong (four heavenly kings), which consists of fried brinjals, long beans, four-angled beans and okra with shrimp sambal was not bad. 

The stir-fried choy tum, a leafy vegetable whose texture reminds me of brussels sprouts, was crunchy and slightly salty. Just the way I like it.

I don't really remember what the seaweed tofu soup tasted like. I guess it must have been neither good nor bad, for I tend to remember both ends of the taste spectrum. 

The lala fried rice was good, and went very well with the dishes.