About Me

I'm just an ordinary, albeit slightly whacky, stay-at-home wife who loves to eat, and is not too talented in the kitchen. I am also the slave of two fat cats. They are:-

1) Blackie Bond, a 2 to 3-day-old stray kitten I rescued from the gardens in my condo in 2005 and who has wormed his way into our hearts. He earned the 'Bond' nickname due to his inquisitive nature. He is always poking his nose into every shopping bag we bring home, and is thorough in checking behind and around the photo frames, TV, lamps, drawers, etc, for hidden bugs and bombs.

2) Lady Faye Yin, same age as Blackie, was a gift from a friend. Hubby nicknamed her Empress Dowager (or Dowager Empress if you're not in The Forbidden City) due to her very diva attitude. Although she came to our home after Blackie, she appears to be the one higher up the hierarchy chain. Blackie would never start eating until she eats first, and he always follows her like a faithful little eunuch.

If you'd like to know more about me and my cats, I can be found at blackiebond.blogspot.com