Thursday, 19 November 2009

Where To Eat @ Cameron Highlands

NB: This is the 4th installment of my Sojourn in Cameron Highlands
Part 3: Time Tunnel @ Cameron Highlands

The thing I love most about the British, besides their wry humour, is their tea and scones. The best scones I've ever had was in the Isle of Wight. The cream, the strawberries, and the lightness of the scones were just yummy. 

I've missed that, and the nearest "duplicate" I could find is in Cameron Highlands. When the British left Malaya, as Malaysia was called then, they left behind their tea and scones legacy. Whenever I'm in Cameron Highlands, I never fail to pop in at T-Cafe, above MarryBrown at Tanah Rata for my cream scones every afternoon. 

This time round, I decided to check out another place, Cameronian Inn, which I came across while surfing around for new things to do or see in Cameron Highlands. It was touted as having the best scone in the highlands. 

Unfortunately, we went there 3 times, and all 3 times, they didn't have scones. So, T-Cafe it is. We've tried scones at Bala Chalet and Smokehouse before, and they aren't worth their price. Both places charge RM12.50 per person for a set which comes with 2 scones, cream, strawberry jam, and tea. 

T-Cafe, on the other hand, charges only RM2.50 for one scone with cream, butter and strawberry jam. Tea is RM2.50. 

Incidentally, we saw a notice at T-Cafe announcing their soon to change name. T-Cafe will be known as The Lord's Cafe.

Ok, enough of my obsession with cream scones. Let's proceed to solid meals. One of the restaurants that serve decent Chinese food is You Hoo Restaurant at Brinchang. It's located at the former pasar malam site. We ordered their specialty, Indonesian Fish Curry, Spicy-fried Asparagus Beans and Steamed Eggs Three Kings. The total meal came to RM36 for two.

Indonesian Fish Curry

Spicy-fried Asparagus Beans

Steamed Eggs Three Kings

One other reasonably priced restaurant, recommended by a local cafe proprietor, is Yeong Wah Restaurant in Brinchang. It is behind the Star Regency Hotel. According to this local lady, Brinchang is notorious for over-priced food, and one should ask the price of a dish before placing an order. However, she added, this Yeong Wah is honest and would not rip off their customers. 

We ordered Drunken Prawns, Special Fried Noodles and Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce, all of which came to RM35.60 for two.

Drunken Prawns

Special Fried Noodles

Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce

On the day we return to KL, we stopped at Man Fatt Restaurant for Bak Kut Teh Mee. Man Fatt is located at the foothill of Cameron Highlands, just opposite the Simpang Pulai police station. If you were coming down  from Cameron Highlands, at the foothill, there's a traffic lights cross junction. Turn right, and the shop is on your left. 

Bak Kut Teh Mee

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