Monday, 22 November 2010

Vietnam House @ First World Plaza, Genting

We've eaten umpteen times at Vietnam House whenever we're at Genting although this is the first time I'm blogging about it. Yes, we were at Genting again, yesterday. It was very misty in the afternoon, and the temperature indoors at Highlands Hotel was 26 degrees Celcius. The mist cleared by nightfall, though.

But I digress. Vietnam House is probably one of the more authentic Vietnamese restaurants in the region of KL and Selangor. Our friend, TC has moved to Johor Baru to start a business and was back in KL for a week, so we decided to meet and catch up in Genting. Don't ask me why Genting instead of somewhere in KL.

The test for authenticity is always the Vietnamese Vermicelli. The authentic ones come with cold vermicelli, and piping hot pork chop and deep-fried spring roll. Vietnam House did not have pork chop, but served it with grilled pork and deep-fried spring roll. Alternatively, you can opt to have Chicken or Lemongrass Beef instead, which I did.

Hubby's fave - the cold vermicelli with piping hot grilled pork and deep-fried spring roll

My fave - the cold vermicelli with lemongrass beef -- the sauce is poured into the noodle and mixed well. Both noodles come with a bowl of the piquant sweet and sour sauce.

TC ordered the bamboo fried rice which he said was rather good, but paled in comparison to the vermicelli with lemongrass beef.

TC also wanted to try the Prawn Sour Soup, which the waiter said does not taste like Tom Yam. It certainly doesn't. It's not spicy and does not have any lemongrass flavour, which Tom Yam Soup has. It was too sour for us, despite our request to tone down on the sourness.
It's like a mini steamboat. After bringing the soup to a boil, put the prawns and accompanying ingredients in.

The total bill for the meal, inclusive of peanuts, two glasses of water and a pot of Vietnamese Tea came to RM81.90.

On our way home, Ms Sherlock Holmes a.k.a. yours truly, started counting cars again (ref: Who Goes To Genting?). Yeah, I think I have a fixation with car number plates. Perhaps Genting should hire me to conduct a daily survey of the cars...LOL!!!

Well, the result of my obsession was that 50% of the cars that were parked from level B6 to B9 at First World Plaza last night, or should I say at 1-ish in the morning, had Johor-registered number plates. So, the question and possible answers that occupied my mind as we drove home was why did so many Johoreans choose to come to Genting when Genting has a resort in Sentosa, Singapore? Not to mention Sands, too? 

P/s: Forgot to mention that hubby and I earned ourselves two free combo meals voucher which we redeemed for supper at Good Luck Restaurant. We ordered the Roast Pork Noodle Soup which was really good. TC who forgot to bring his Silver card had to pay for his own supper. :)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Set Lunch @ Jack's Place, 1-Utama

Halloween Costume Fashion Show at 1-Utama yesterday

The walking bleeding eyeballs (she has an eyeball on the inside of each of her palm, too!) is a great sight to behold after an almost equally gory meal at Jack's Place yesterday.

Waiter! The steak is not bloody enough!

I usually like my steak medium, but on occasions I tend to go along with hubby's vampire tendency of opting for medium-rare. And what better occasion than Halloween to opt for some blood in my food, right? 

The steak is part of a Set Lunch that includes Soup of the Day, Garlic Bread, the Day's Dessert and Coffee or Tea. For Lupie's benefit (she asked for the prices to be disclosed), the set is RM21.00.

The soup of the day yesterday was mushroom soup. Once, it was pumpkin soup. While it was not bad, I prefer the latter.

The garlic bread had the right blend of butter, garlic and parsley flavour to it.

Striploin steak topped with deep-fried mushrooms. The mushrooms were done just right, succulent, if I could describe mushrooms as that. I didn't like the steak that much, though. It was too fibrous. I should have opted for the rib eye steak instead.

Ice cream and coffee to end a great meal. I would have preferred a cake to go with coffee, though. Nothing wrong with the ice cream, it was good. But I just prefer cakes as dessert, a personal preference, you know.

There are twelve choices for the main course, with prices ranging from RM13.50 to RM30 per set. Prices are not inclusive of 10% service charge and 5% GST. The set lunch menu is available daily from 11.00am to 2.30pm. Jack's Place is located on the first floor of 1-Utama (New Wing).

Healy Mac's @ Bukit Bintang

While having lunch at Jack's place @ 1-Utama this afternoon, hubby remarked on the lack of food posts in my blog. He said that looking at my blog, he felt that we've been fasting and haven't eaten for a long, long while. "Haven't we agreed on using the blog to mark our food journey so that when we are old and have lost our grinders, we could walk down memory lane and relive the experience of the enjoyment of food?" he asked. 

You see, he was inspired by his boss, Tan Sri, who wanted to leave a legacy when he dies. But unlike Tan Sri, we can't afford to build a brick and mortar public gallery to hold all our photos of our younger days when we could still eat, live and enjoy life, so the next best thing is to leave a blog. Who knows, someone 100 years from now might be surprised at the type of food in the 'dark ages'. At any rate, there's something to remember when we're taking turns to use the dentures.

Coming back to the arid period of no food blogs. Well, the reason is, some photos didn't turn out that well. Or more accurately, the food was so appetizing, or we were so hungry that we started on the food before I remembered to take any photos. The result is, I have loads of photos of half eaten burgers, half eaten cods, and so on. Besides, after some time, I might have deleted the photos from my camera's memory card.

To prove my point, below are a couple of hastily taken photos. A few weeks ago (unless time flies and it's longer than I remember) we had a really, really nice lunch at Healy Mac's, an Irish Bar and Restaurant at Changkat Bukit Bintang. 

For the starter, we ordered a plate of salmon bruschetta to share (it came in 5 pieces) and a plate of cod & parsley, in mushroom sauce. We then shared a plate of bacon and egg burger for the entree. 

The half-eaten cod and the remaining piece of salmon bruschetta was put together on a plate for a last minute photo-shoot. That's why I don't make the mark of a food blogger. The cod was heavenly. And so was the salmon bruschetta. 

Just recalling the taste is enough to set me drooling. Well, at least, when we're 70 and toothless, we could still eat the cod, but definitely not the salmon bruschetta.

The half-eaten (again!) bacon and egg burger

I know it's weird, but today's meal at Jack's Place will be postponed to tomorrow. First things prove a point why I didn't update our 'Eating Out Memory Lane' with all the photos I've taken.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Restoran Ipoh Sedap @ SS2, PJ

We were supposed to check this place out a few Sundays ago, but a friend had invited us to a Hari Raya Open house on that particular day. And then we forgot all about it the following Sunday, and the next, and the next. If hubby hadn't said he felt like having either Dim Sum or Yong Tau Fu for breakfast, I wouldn't have remembered this place at all.

To be honest, Dim Sum and Yong Tau Fu aren't my favourite food, and hubby is given a quota of how many times he's allowed to eat them in a year. I'm not a tyrant, but if I don't impose a quota, he's going to kill me by having Dim Sum and Yong Tau Fu for breakfast every Sunday!! So, it's out of self-preservation that I imposed a quota on him.

Well, his Dim Sum quota is up, but not Yong Tau Fu. So off we traipsed to SS2. The outlet is next to the police station, so it's easy to locate. I was quite surprised to see that the fish paste fillings were snowy white and looked very smooth. Mmm....maybe it won't be such a torture to eat them after all.
Variety-wise, the selection is not as big as the Hakka Yong Tau Fu at Pudu. But they looked really tempting.

Since it was a late breakfast, and there were only two of us, we ordered just a few items, and a bowl of Ipoh hor fun each.
The Ipoh Hor Fun was not bad. The koay teow was very smooth, and the soup base was clear and sweet. However, while I liked it, my favourite Ipoh Hor Fun is still the Ipoh Hor Fun at Jalan Utara,  that used to be at Jalan Tong Shin.

Now, this was something entirely. They've converted me. I LOVE their Yong Tau Fu. The tofu was silky smooth, the best I'd ever had, and the fish balls and fish paste paste fillings were just incredible! I will definitely return there again, and I've just raised hubby's quota allowance for Yong Tau Fu!  

The fried dumplings weren't bad either, but were overshadowed by the Yong Tau Fu. 

For dessert, hubby had tau far, which was silky smooth. He finished it before I remembered to take a photo. I ordered the Lime Jelly Shaved Ice. It's supposed to be a 2-jelly, 2-citrus juice on shaved ice, but when the order arrived, it was a 3-jelly and 1-citrus juice on shaved ice. I'm not complaining though. I liked the bite of one of the jelly that looked like a fried sotong. The overall flavour was crisp, tangy and refreshing. Sorry if it sounds a bit like men's aftershave cologne. My excuse is I don't write for a living.

The next time we're there I'm going to try their Dried Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun. A few patrons ordered it and it looked good.

Monday, 4 October 2010

12" Monster Burger @ Cravings, Sunway Giza

To my knowledge, this is the only kind, a burger that stands one foot tall in Malaysia. But if there's any even taller, I'd be interested to try it, too. But I'll probably need to bring a third person along, since it took hubby and I to finish this one-foot burger.

The burger contains a beef patty (naturally!), a chicken fillet, an egg, a few layers of hashbrown, two layers of cheese, a few layers of ham, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. However, the serving staff informed us that we could change the chicken for beef and vice versa if we prefer one meat over the other.

Next to our table, four ladies shared the burger amongst themselves. They would have made us feel greedy or monstrously hungry but for a lone Arab guy who sat behind our table. He finished the whole burger all by himself. And he's not big! 

And.....that's not all. This burger comes with two bowls of soup, a glass of banana blackberry juice and a glass of lime passion fruit juice! 

The soup, two bowls of it

Banana blackberry juice and lime passion fruit juice

The burger in the bunting and the actual one served is different

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Set Lunch @ Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Much has changed since the last time we visited Giza Sunway Mall at Kota Damansara. The last time we were there, many shops were not opened yet. But today, a few months later, all the shop lots were rented out, with many interesting food and beverage outlets.

One of them is the Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe. We've seen this cafe at another mall in PJ, but hadn't had a chance to try it until today. (N.B.Just noticed that this post was published on Saturday 2:10am, so the day should read as yesterday, not today.)

I particularly like the look of the cafe with its artificial hedge, lawn, plant pods and white picket fence. The waitresses were outfitted in a typical English chambermaid uniform while the waiters were garbed in white tops and black pants, reminiscent of the British India houseboys during colonial times. I almost expected the place to serve fluffy Isle of Wright scones with clotted cream and strawberries (my all-time favourite), but no, I wasn't that lucky.

Instead, it has a rather varied menu, ranging from local to western dishes. The set lunch menu caught my eye. There are 4 sets but the one that interested me was the Tracy's Favourite Meal. For only RM16.90, it has forest mushroom soup, pan-seared fish with Asian vegetables, tart and iced lemon tea. Most places do not offer their set lunch during the holidays or at weekends, but Fullhouse does. More power to them! Both hubby and I ordered the same thing. Yeah, we're not terribly imaginative when it comes to food.

Forest mushroom soup

Pan-seared fish with Asian vegetables

Chocolate tart

All are yummy!! We'll definitely be  back to try other things on the menu, especially the ala carte.

Dinner @ Emperor Garden, Goldhill Club

This is a late post. Nine days late, to be exact. I hadn't wanted to write about it as I have been having some verbal constipation where food is concerned these days. But hubby wanted me to post it up as that is how he and I refresh our memory from time to time. That is, after all, the purpose this blog was created.

In fact, speaking of refreshing our memory, I had forgotten how long it took before Yin and Blackie could be allowed to meet without any supervision. It was interesting to read back what had transpired during the first two weeks afterf Yin's arrival at our home. I had forgotten that she was such a 'snotty' little empress with Blackie. I had wrongly thought that Yin got her diva attitude after having stayed with us for more than a year, but those posts reminded me that she has always been that way from day one.

Anyway, I digress. I'm rather good at that. A habit I can't seem to break. Okay, back to the topic. Hubby's birthday fell on the 2nd of September, and like any good hubby, he took me out for a little treat at Goldhill Club, of which he's a member.

The club had given him a RM50 voucher in the form of a birthday gift, and we could redeem it in either the pub or the restaurant located in the club. We decided on the restaurant (Emperor Garden) as it is a fine dining Chinese restaurant and we don't normally eat at those places, especially when it's just the two of us.

Since it's just the two of us, we were restricted by our stomach capacity from ordering more than four items. We had a bowl of shark's fin soup each, a signature tofu dish, salt baked prawns and a lovely cold dish of octopus. The total bill, including rice, tea, peanuts and paper towelettes came to RM105.82, which really wasn't too bad, considering we only had to pay RM55.82.

Shark's fin @ RM20 each

Tofu with sweet vegetables @ RM12

Salt-baked prawns @ RM24 for 6 pieces

Octopus @ RM18

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Nasi Lemak Fest @ Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Calling all Nasi Lemak fans. To cater to some Malaysians who want to eat the same thing, namely Nasi Lemak, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the hotel is now introducing a special Nasi Lemak Promotion Package.

For only RM480 nett for 3D/2N, you get the ubiquitous nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And if you'd like nasi lemak for tea too, just add another RM18 per pax. Still haven't had enough of nasi lemak? Don't worry, there's always supper......more nasi lemak....

Money back guarantee - we guarantee every meal will be identical.....

Disclaimer: This is a purely tongue-in-cheek, satiric post resulting from my observation of  a couple of guests who only ate nasi lemak throughout the three days I was at the resort. It has  nothing to do with Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, and is not a post from the hotel. To view the rates or promotion of the resort, please visit >>>

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Okonomiyaki - Japanese Noodle Pancake

I was browsing through my collection of photos when I realised that I've taken lots of photos of food that I've never wrote about due to laziness -- laziness to process my thoughts into words (I think in pictures, not words). When I first started blogging, I had verbal diarrhea. But until recently, I've been verbally constipated.

There are many good places we've been to, but I can only remember a handful of them (the names of the food). One of them is okonomiyaki.
Supreme set (2 pax) RM35.90

For the uninitiated, okonomiyaki is a savoury Japanese noodle pancake. It is comprised of a base made of batter, topped with shredded cabbage, bacon strips (or any choice of meat or fungus) and "covered" with a fried egg. Before serving, a dark, thick sauce is spread over it, and salt, pepper and chopped parsley is sprinkled.

The set we ordered came with one bacon okonomiyaki, four slices of grilled salmon and a plate of octopus. Yummy. One of my favourite Japanese food, next to sashimi and cawanmushi.

Original Okonomiyaki Hiroshima Style
Lower ground floor, Low Yat Plaza
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Restoran Mei Gai Hup @ Jalan Ambong Kiri 1, Kepong

Many of our Saturday nights are spent with friends, and yesterday was no different, even though it was my birthday. Tony had called, and it was our turn to suggest a new place to go to.  Out of ideas, hubby searched the internet for places we've never been to, and came across this restaurant which had been interviewed by various media. 

Although we've passed by this restaurant umpteen times, we've never stepped foot inside the premises. The menu is in Chinese, and none of us could read Chinese to save our own lives. But armed with recommended dishes by the media, we were finally brave enough to venture into  a restaurant where they expect their customers to be Chinese-literate.

One of the recommended dishes was Siew Haw Kuat (RM15), their signature dish. Literally translated, Siew Haw Kuat means Smilling Thick Rib.
Except for the sauce, this dish is similar to the barbecued honey spare ribs prepared by chefs from Hong Kong in Bournemouth, England. Why do I bring up a Chinese restaurant in Bournemouth, of all places, as comparison? Well, the best grilled spare ribs I've ever had in my entire life happened to be in Bournemouth (pronounced as born-mirth), a beach town in Dorset, and that has become the benchmark I use when it comes to grilled or barbecued spare ribs.

It has that lovely combination of honey with Worcestershire sauce flavour, and is so tender and succulent, yet with a crisply edge, that I actually picked up the rib and gnawed the bits and pieces to the bone, like a dog (or should I say bitch, since I'm female?!). It was a good thing I had some wet tissue with me, or I'd have been a sight to behold, with the lower part of my face smeared with the caramel.  

Another recommended dish was their homemade tofu with minced meat sauce (RM10), steamed in a bamboo steamer. The tofu is excellent, very smooth, but the minced meat sauce is nothing extraordinary. It tastes like bolognaise sauce made of pork instead of beef.

While perusing their menu, which we didn't understand a word, a photo drew my attention. It looked like something we've never eaten before, so after consulting Tony & hubby, I ordered it. Don't ask me what the dish is called, but it is some melon with mushrooms, green bell peppers, carrots, baby corns and small, square bits of pork (RM15). It tasted as good as it looked.

We also ordered a bowl of shark's fin soup (RM8) each. And before animal activists scream murder, it's not the real deal. It's what the Chinese would call fake shark's fin, or what my hubby likes to call, the poor man's shark's fin. The taste? Not too bad, for the price. We didn't pay RM24 for a bowl, so our expectations weren't high.

The total damage was RM71.20, including 5 bowls of rice and a pot of Chinese tea for 3. Thank you, Tony, for the birthday dinner!!  :)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Pakistani Food @ UK-Asia, Bukit Bintang

Ever wondered where our Pakistani immigrant workers (legal or otherwise) go to for their food? The ubiquitous Mamak (Indian Muslim) food? No. According to the Pakistanis in Cyberjaya (they're on the Malaysia My 2nd Home program), the Indian Muslim food in Malaysia is too spicy and overwhelming in its taste. Pakistani food is more subtle and mild. 

So, where would they go to, if they wish to eat food that is similar to what they normally eat in Pakistan? They told hubby that there are a few Pakistani & North Indian restaurants in Jalan Bukit Bintang which they go to. They mentioned UK-Asia as one of the more authentic Pakistani restaurant.

So, last Sunday, we braved the traffic to Bukit Bintang to try some authentic Pakistani food. UK-Asia is a nondescript little shop set not far from the Bukit Bintang Plaza, on the opposite side of the road. It serves what we call "mixed rice" or "economy rice' in Malaysia. But the price is certainly not your run of the mill economy rice price.

I had pilaf rice, a spoonful of cucumber & tomato salad, spinach curry, chick peas, spicy fried lady's fingers and a piece of fried mackerel. The price came to RM9.50. For drinks, I ordered a glass of banana lassi which was RM6.90. 

Hubby took pilaf rice, spinach curry, chick peas, mutton curry and I don't remember what else as he had walloped most of his food by the time I went to join him at the table. He does tend to eat like a war is about to break out any second, and no amount of reminding him to chew his food before swallowing does any no photos of hubby's lunch and naturally, I don't remember how much his food was.

Our verdict? It's fork-and-spoon-licking good. A place I'd definitely want to go back to again and again!!

Monday, 22 February 2010

A Diary Entry of A Trip To Penang

Dear friends and readers,

The post below is meant as a diary entry for myself, to serve as a reference on where to stay, where and what to eat in Penang as I don't trust myself to remember these details when I next make a trip to the island again. And I do so want to go to those same places and eat those same things again.

As such, I have not taken care with the sentence structure, nor attempt to make it interesting. So, if you find it dull and boring to read, my sincerest apologies. This is merely a diary entry, and well, a diary entry is never terribly interesting to anyone else but its writer, is it?  :)

Penang - 16th to 18th February 2010

We went to Penang on the third day of Chinese New Year.  The road was smooth from KL to Penang, but not so on the other side. Traffic was at a standstill jam for those travelling from the North to KL.

We stayed at Flamingo By The Beach, formerly known as Crown Prince. It's next to Sandy Bay Paradise at Tanjung Bungah. For those who love the beach and water sports, Flamingo is highly recommended. 

The water sports available there are:

1) Water jet ski - RM60 for 15 minutes
2) Paragliding - RM120 for 5 minutes

And the hotel facilities include a jacuzzi & spa besides the regular swimming pool. 

Hotel entrance at night

Hotel lobby

Hotel room with a balcony that looks out to the sea and hill

The pool 

The jacuzzi and pool bar

RapidTransit bus #101 stops right in front of the hotel, at 10 to 15 minutes' interval. It travels between Teluk Bahang and Jetty. A ride from the hotel to Batu Ferringhi is RM1.40 per pax. The last bus back to the hotel leaves at 11:15pm from Teluk Bahang.

Batu Ferringhi Food Court
We enjoyed the hokkien mee (Penang Prawn Mee), Ee Fu Mee, grilled fish and home-made spring rolls (it's served fried with a dipping sauce). Opens at night.

Song River, Gurney Drive
Not to be missed is the otak-otak, fried oysters and chee cheong fun. The fried koay teow is not too bad either. Opens at night.

A coffee shop @ Pulau Tikus (directly opposite the police station, next to Kedai Kopi Kwai Lock)
The mee goreng and fried koay teow is excellent. Hubby ordered the assam laksa which he enjoyed as it was not too sour. And the coffee, in hubby's opinion, is excellent. I ordered some strange drink which I don't remember its name or its taste. I called it "The Forgettable Drink". Opens for breakfast & lunch.

Another coffee shop @ Pulau Tikus (behind Kedai Kopi Kwai Lock)
The curry mee here is one of the best I've ever tasted. The mee goreng is horrid, one of the worst I've ever had. Opens for breakfast & lunch.

Coffee shop @ Tanjung Bungah (behind CIMB Bank & Maxim's, next to the market)
We've never failed to return to this nondescript little coffee shop each time we're in Penang for its wantan mee (dry version) and curry mee. It's probably one of the few remaining places in Penang where a plate or bowl of noodles is RM2.50.

What we'd like to try, but never succeeded, is their hokkien mee. It's always sold out when we're there. I'm sure it must be very good, as people just queue up to order it. Opens only for breakfast.