Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Just Cakes

Our sprouted bread had run out and I had to go to Village Grocer, Bangsar, to replenish them. (Sprouted bread is good for diabetes and hubby takes them for breakfast daily.) Village Grocer is one of the few stores that carry the sprouted bread from Adventist Hospital's bakery (click here for more info). 

My sis-in-law was in Bangsar right then, and since I wanted to pass some stuff to her, we met up for lunch together with a friend of hers.

After lunch, we proceeded next door for cakes. I don't remember the name of the shop, but it shared half a shoplot with Klinik Chong at Lucky Garden. The space used to be occupied by a launderette. 

Carina, sis-in-law's friend, suggested that we ordered a cake each and shared them. My choice was the blueberry cheesecake.
It was one of the better cheesecakes I've had. It had whole blueberries in it, and the cake just melted in my mouth. Each bite was sheer bliss.

Sis-in-law let us picked a cake for her, and we selected the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream.
Personally, I found the brownie not chocolaty enough. It didn't have chocolate fudge. There was one with fudge but without the walnuts. Since brownies without walnuts aren't brownies in my opinion, that wasn't an option. Sis-in-law loved it, fortunately.

Carina chose the carrot & pumpkin cake. Another good choice. It wasn't dry nor crumbly, and had a nice carrot-cinnamon flavour to it.

I like my carrot cakes to be moist with a distinct carrot & cinnamon flavour, and this one reminded me of the carrot cake I used to bake. The last time I baked any cake was when my mum was still alive and hadn't fallen sick yet. Perhaps one day I might start to bake again.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hoofed @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Located above Tom, Dick & Harry, Hoofed specializes in pork. Yes, you got that right. There is a wine bar cum restaurant called Tom, Dick & Harry. And it owns Hoofed, too. At least, that's what the staff told us.

We had bought a Groupon voucher for RM18 each, for a pork chop meal that includes a roasted tomato soup, a choice of brownies or bananarama dessert. 

However, without a word of apology or acknowlegement, we were served with a dark green colour soup that tasted nothing like tomatoes, roasted or not. Upon checking with a staff, we found that they were out of tomatoes and had elected to replace it with spinach. 

Well, I understand that, but shouldn't they have said something prior to serving it to us? Doesn't good manners dictate that they apologize for having to replace a soup which we had pre-bought and paid for, but which they replaced at their own discretion??

And let's not go into diet and medical disorders. What if one of us had high uric acid (like my mum had) and spinach was an item we could not eat without further damaging our health??

Anyway, in the midst of the fuss, I forgot to take any pictures of the spinach soup. Bummer....

Pork chop

Despite being crowded on the second evening of Chinese New year, service was prompt. The pork chop arrived shortly after the soup bowls were cleared. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the pork reminded me of what we had at Jarrod & Rawlins, at a fraction of the price, of course. 

Chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream

Predictably, chocolate brownies was my choice of dessert. I could never seem to get enough of chocolate brownies (I even baked them at home some time in the past!). Very rich and chocolatey, the brownies were a sinful indulgence. Warmed and eaten with the vanilla ice cream, each mouthful was a totally wonderful ying yang experience.


Hubby opted for the bananarama on the basis that he wanted something different for a change (I always ordered either chocolate brownies or chocolate fudge for dessert, if not cheesecake). I had warned him that the caramel sauce and peanut butter crumble are going to be very sweet and not diabetic-friendly. My predictions turned out to be true. Hubby couldn't finish his bananarama. It was overly sweet for him.

My conclusions? Hoofed is a nice enough neighbourhood restaurant, a place to relax and nurse a glass of wine or two before dinner. Would I go back? Well, I'm not a big fan of pork, so it's possible I might not return. 

No. 18A Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
6000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (03) 7728-8567

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fish & Co @ 1-Utama

Two weeks ago, on the first day of Chinese New Year, with nowhere to go, we decided to hit 1-Utama in search of lunch and movie. My mother-in-law had told us not to visit anybody, including relatives, during Chinese New Year as my mum had passed away only a month earlier.

It was a strange new year for me. It was the first time I celebrated Chinese New Year without my mum. Needless to say, while most people of Chinese descent were in a festive mood, I was feeling down and sad.

Anyway....let's move on with the topic. Despite the long weekend, many KLites remained behind in the city, and at 2-ish in the afternoon, many tables at Fish & Co were still occupied. However, the service was prompt and we didn't have long to wait.

Caesar salad with smoked salmon - RM10.90

Caesar salad was the first to arrive. They were generous with the smoked salmon, which went very well with the lettuce and blue cheese dressing. 

Soup of the day (mushroom) - RM4.90

The soup of the day followed at the heels of the caesar salad. Rich and full of mushroom slices, it had a nice, creamy texture. 

New York Fish & Chips with stuffed cheese - RM13.90

Not dory, the fish fillet was firm and sweet, while the batter was crispy. I loved the cheese in it. Each bite was simply divine. It's the best fish & chips I've had in KL.

Seafood Baked Rice - RM15.90

The seafood baked rice is actually a paella with cheese. Again, it was another savory and delectable delight. Truly scrumptious. My mouth was watering as I typed this. We must revisit the place soon.

Fish & Co
LG 350, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama, PJ.
Tel: (03) 7722-4928

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Wok - Revisited

This is our second visit to The Wok @ The Strand, Kota Damansara after a lapse of 8 months. For the first visit's review (which gives a background and directions to the place plus the different orders we had), please click here.

I had a craving for some nyonya food and wanted to try The Long Table at Kelana Jaya, but we were running a bit late (read: hungry) coupled with the fact that hubby wasn't sure where the restaurant is located. (Google map failed to show the street number, or any of the landmarks nearby.) Since Kota Damansara is like a stone's throw or two away, it made more sense to revisit The Wok. Besides, we had wanted to try the other items on their menu the last time we were there.

Gulai Tumis Stingray - RM18 (S)

The first item I ordered was the gulai tumis. I am a die-hard fan of gulai tumis, so when I say it's superb, my opinion is skewed and biased. In Penang, it is pronounced as goo-lye two-mee, which means fried curry, literally. It is a sourish curry, and the freshly blended paste is fried till fragrant before water is added to it and boiled. 

I love gulai tumis so much that I took the trouble to learn how to make it from my grandma. This reminds me that I have never blogged about it....*note to self: must remember to blog about my gulai tumis*.

Perut Ikan - RM10 (S)

Ever since I introduced hubby to perut ikan, it has been his favourite nyonya dish. At each and every nyonya restaurant we go to, he must have the perut ikan. Even if we had ordered this at our earlier visit. The dish hasn't changed from when we last visited, so I shall refrain from repeating myself. To find out what it tasted like, please visit my earlier blog post by clicking here.

Lor-bak and tau-knua - RM12 (S)

The lor-bak (deep-fried meat wrapped in spring rolls) was excellent. It's not what you get from coffee-shops. The skin was crispy and fragrant while the pork inside was tender and moist. The tau-knua, which is a hard tofu, was great, too. I'd say this item is a must-have.

Jui Hu Char - RM12 (S)

Jiu Hu Char is another favourite of hubby's when it comes to nyonya food. It is fried turnip slices with cuttlefish. It is eaten wrapped in lettuce leaves. 

Dessert, clockwise, from top left: 
Mango chendol x2 (RM5 each), jelly (complimentary) 
and sago gula melaka x2(RM4 each).

Hubby and I had the sago gula melaka while my MiL and SiL had the mango chendol. Hubby tried to get some feedback from them by asking them to compare it with the durian chendol we had in Melaka. Unfortunately, MiL and SiL did not remember what the durian chendol in Melaka tasted like. Since we had the sago gula melaka at our previous visit, I shall not blog about this item again. 

The complimentary jelly was unexpected and a very nice surprise. Nice as in the gesture and the taste.

It was a lovely meal and it looked like I might never get to try The Long Table as at the end of the meal, hubby said "The Wok is great, there's no need to travel so far to Kelana Jaya."

The Wok Cafe
26-G, Jalan PJU 5/21
The Strand Damansara
Kota Damansara
Tel: (03) 6142-7388
(Turn left at the junction behind CIMB bank)