Friday, 29 October 2010

Restoran Ipoh Sedap @ SS2, PJ

We were supposed to check this place out a few Sundays ago, but a friend had invited us to a Hari Raya Open house on that particular day. And then we forgot all about it the following Sunday, and the next, and the next. If hubby hadn't said he felt like having either Dim Sum or Yong Tau Fu for breakfast, I wouldn't have remembered this place at all.

To be honest, Dim Sum and Yong Tau Fu aren't my favourite food, and hubby is given a quota of how many times he's allowed to eat them in a year. I'm not a tyrant, but if I don't impose a quota, he's going to kill me by having Dim Sum and Yong Tau Fu for breakfast every Sunday!! So, it's out of self-preservation that I imposed a quota on him.

Well, his Dim Sum quota is up, but not Yong Tau Fu. So off we traipsed to SS2. The outlet is next to the police station, so it's easy to locate. I was quite surprised to see that the fish paste fillings were snowy white and looked very smooth. Mmm....maybe it won't be such a torture to eat them after all.
Variety-wise, the selection is not as big as the Hakka Yong Tau Fu at Pudu. But they looked really tempting.

Since it was a late breakfast, and there were only two of us, we ordered just a few items, and a bowl of Ipoh hor fun each.
The Ipoh Hor Fun was not bad. The koay teow was very smooth, and the soup base was clear and sweet. However, while I liked it, my favourite Ipoh Hor Fun is still the Ipoh Hor Fun at Jalan Utara,  that used to be at Jalan Tong Shin.

Now, this was something entirely. They've converted me. I LOVE their Yong Tau Fu. The tofu was silky smooth, the best I'd ever had, and the fish balls and fish paste paste fillings were just incredible! I will definitely return there again, and I've just raised hubby's quota allowance for Yong Tau Fu!  

The fried dumplings weren't bad either, but were overshadowed by the Yong Tau Fu. 

For dessert, hubby had tau far, which was silky smooth. He finished it before I remembered to take a photo. I ordered the Lime Jelly Shaved Ice. It's supposed to be a 2-jelly, 2-citrus juice on shaved ice, but when the order arrived, it was a 3-jelly and 1-citrus juice on shaved ice. I'm not complaining though. I liked the bite of one of the jelly that looked like a fried sotong. The overall flavour was crisp, tangy and refreshing. Sorry if it sounds a bit like men's aftershave cologne. My excuse is I don't write for a living.

The next time we're there I'm going to try their Dried Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun. A few patrons ordered it and it looked good.

Monday, 4 October 2010

12" Monster Burger @ Cravings, Sunway Giza

To my knowledge, this is the only kind, a burger that stands one foot tall in Malaysia. But if there's any even taller, I'd be interested to try it, too. But I'll probably need to bring a third person along, since it took hubby and I to finish this one-foot burger.

The burger contains a beef patty (naturally!), a chicken fillet, an egg, a few layers of hashbrown, two layers of cheese, a few layers of ham, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. However, the serving staff informed us that we could change the chicken for beef and vice versa if we prefer one meat over the other.

Next to our table, four ladies shared the burger amongst themselves. They would have made us feel greedy or monstrously hungry but for a lone Arab guy who sat behind our table. He finished the whole burger all by himself. And he's not big! 

And.....that's not all. This burger comes with two bowls of soup, a glass of banana blackberry juice and a glass of lime passion fruit juice! 

The soup, two bowls of it

Banana blackberry juice and lime passion fruit juice

The burger in the bunting and the actual one served is different