Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Smokehouse @ Bangsar

Ever since hubby was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic nearly two months ago, we've been having problems eating out. A lot of thought goes into where to eat, what to order, thoughts which we hadn't had to spend a second on before. And most of the time, we end up going for Japanese food (hubby orders either the cold wheat soba or sashimi, not sushi, since sushi contains rice), Ipoh koay teow soup or the Italian restaurant downstairs. Last Saturday, we decided to 'reward' hubby for being a good boy. He has diligently kept to his diet, and his blood glucose level has returned to normal, pleasing his doctor no end. So, he is allowed to eat some refined or simple carbo.

But still, after having been careful with his diet, hubby is no longer in a rush to eat just anything. In the end, we went to Smokehouse in Bangsar. Why Smokehouse? They allow you to customise your orders! 

Here's what hubby ordered -- his doctor would be pleased with his restraint. :)

Nude and healthy, no dressing!

Yes, I know, the chicken and mushroom pie is made of flour, and is a refined carbo, but hey, hubby had meant to 'misbehave' and eat what he shouldn't eat this night. 

We had to wait for nearly half an hour for the chicken and mushroom pie, as it was made from scratch. The taste was, needless to say, fresh and piping hot. (Sorry, I'm not sure how to describe the flavours of a chicken and mushroom pie!)

As for me, I wasn't so restrained, and really, do I need to be, since I'm not on a special diet. I ordered the Ceasar Salad with Beef Bacon and for the entree, the Roast Lamb Shank.

The Ceasar Salad was served with their own homemade sauce consisting of vinegar, lime juice, pounded garlic and parmesan cheese. The combination was a genius, I loved the piquant, cheesy flavour. The original dressing comes with the Thousand Island dressing, which I asked the waiter to hold. He offered to put it in a separate plate for me, but I declined, as I'd never developed a taste for Thousand Island. I much prefer the Blue Cheese dressing, but if I have a choice I'd rather have Balsamic Vinegar, or this lime juice-vinegar-garlic-cheese dressing. Yummy!

The Roast Lamb Shank was very tender and succulent. The meat fell apart when I carved it, and melted in my mouth. The gravy was excellent, too, and if I have to describe it, I would say it tasted rather like the Hungarian Goulash. Mmm.....I love Hungarian Goulash, and wished I had room for a dinner roll to soak up all that wonderful gravy. Yum-yum.