Thursday, 10 November 2011

Spanish Buffet @ La Gomera

Last Sunday afternoon saw us at La Gomera, a Spanish buffet & dining restaurant in Damansara Perdana. It has been a long time since I've had Spanish food. Spanish restaurants, for some reason, don't last in this country.

My first Spanish food was back in the 1990s at a restaurant in Park Royal Hotel. The restaurant no longer exists. 

There was a joke flying around then, about how when the bull lost the fight, its balls were sold to restaurants. But what happens if the matador lost?? With a straight face, the waiter replied that the balls served would be smaller.....

Anyway....we arrived at 12:30pm and there was a large crowd already seated and chomping away (the buffet starts at 12 noon). Spanish food is mostly meat, so it was no surprise to see the crowd couldn't really devour a lot of meat in one sitting. By 1:30pm the restaurant was almost empty.

The all-Spanish beef tripe, lamb stew, meatball (I think it's a human's size!) and some Spanish-beef-something (forgot what's the name) was truly delicious. The Spanish spaghetti was different, too. I loved it all.

Unfortunately, many of the patrons there did not know how to appreciate authentic Spanish cuisine. They put the ladle into the pots, pushed the food around and left empty-handed. Some even scooped up the food to take a closer look at it, then dumped them on the side plate with comments like "don't know what's that" in Cantonese. I guess they must be illiterate, since there were tags on each pot. They went for the less authentic Spanish fare, opting for the grilled stuff and salad. 

We tried the grills, too.....they were good, but anyone who goes to a Spanish restaurant should try the Spanish food at least once. How do they know they don't like it if they hadn't tried it?

The grilled salmon was lovely

The grilled tenderloin was ok, it was a bit too fibrous for me

The girlled lamb and squid were fantastic, while the Spanish pizza was a tad too salty for me.

Hubby's mess....paella, mussels, Spanish spaghetti and I don't know what else. He doesn't believe in ladling his food into neat little categories on the plate.

More of hubby's mess

La Gomera is not big on dessert. There wasn't much variety, with only a limited selection of fruits and ice cream. There were two puddings....egg pudding and mango pudding. And one type of cinnamon rolls and butter cake with raisins.

Still, I enjoyed my sojourn there very much. 

La Gomera
Block E-LG-1, NeoDamansara
Jalan PJU 8/1,
Damansara Perdana
Tel: (03) 7710 0262

Sang Har Lor Mee @ Dengkil

I'm not big on lor mee as I'm not a fan of those big, thick yellow noodles. However, I made an exception each time for this special lor mee at Dengkil. This is the only lor mee hubby could drag me to, and I think it's time I blogged about it for posterity. 

Hmm...posterity...I know, a weird choice of word, considering that we don't have kids...well, for the general future generations, then, for someone 100 years from now who stumbles upon this food journey of mine. They might be interested to see what we dinosaurs eat in our time.

What's so special about this lor mee? First, the sang har (fresh water prawns) meat was removed from the shells, and cooked together with the noodle, allowing for the taste to be fully absorbed into the gravy. Each spoonful has that distinctive sang har aroma. 

Second, with the meat deshelled and cut into bite sizes, it makes the dish less messy to eat. The price has increased from RM40 to RM42, but the portion remains enough for two.

The stir-fried kailan was not that great, however. They did not use Hong Kong kailan. It tasted more like green mustard leaves than kailan. They retained the price of vegetables at RM6 a plate.

To get there, one can either take the Jalan Banting-Jalan Kajang/Dengkil or Pintasan Dengkil Bypass.

Restoran Yew Hin
No. 94, Jalan Besar,
Dengkil, Selangor