Friday, 13 April 2012

Restoran Robson Heights

We used to frequent this eatery when we were living in the vicinity. We remember it for its reasonable price and good quality food. That said, do bear in mind that it would be to your benefit if you were to ask the prices when you see 'seasonal price' listed next to the item you want. Do not fall into the trap like a friend of a friend's, where they were charged RM270 for a fish.

Now that I've given you fair warning, let's move on. After we moved from the vicinity, we hardly returned to Robson Heights. The restaurants in our new neighbourhood were a dime a dozen, and we didn't feel the need to drive halfway across KL to have some decent Chinese food.

But three Saturdays ago, an ex-classmate of hubby's returned from Singapore to perform Qing Ming rites. Robson Heights, located halfway between us, was the ideal place to have some good food.

Their prawns in salted egg yolk was done differently from other Chinese restaurants. Instead of the regular dry version, it was wet with a distinct salted egg yolk flavour. It was probably the best salted egg version I've ever had. Yumm....

The buttermilk sotong had a was served with crispy dried pork floss. 

Kangkong belacan was our friend's choice of vegetables. Apparently, he could not get decent kangkong belacan in Singapore. As for me, I like this kangkong belacan better than any other that I've had.

Now, I don't know how true this is, but apparently, in Singapore, you can't order a Hokkien Mai Fun Mee (beehoon mee). You can order either a Hokkien Mee or Hokkien Mai Fun. This is the one dish that our friend asked for each and every time he returns to KL to visit his family.

Personally, we prefer the Hokkien Mee without the beehoon, but as he returns to KL only twice a year, we like to accommodate him. 

This dish, unfortunately was not a winner for Robson Heights. It was too dry, and the mee did not fully absorb the flavour of the gravy. The best Hokkien Mee award still goes to the now-defunct stall at Taman Wahyu, Jalan Ipoh.

The total damage was RM77, which I think, was pretty reasonable. We did not order any rice. We ate those dishes on their own.

Lorong Syed Putra


Anonymous said...

As the friend of the acquaintance who got whacked with the RM270 fish bill, I'd like to say you've redeemed this place in my eyes. It's nice to know you can get good and reasonably priced dishes here if you ASK THE PRICE. :-) said...

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